What Is The Correct Number of REPS per SET?


In performing a strength training exercise, if a person lifts a weight three times consecutively without stopping for any significant rest in between each lift, the person is said to have performed one SET of three REPS. If the person then, after a rest of three minutes performs another SET of three REPS, the person is then said to have performed two SETS of three REPS, and so on.

Question: What is the correct number of REPS per SET.


3 or less Fast explosive sports – Weightlifting
5 reps Other Power athletes – Sprinters
5 – 8 reps Strength training for majority of sports people
10 – 15 reps Strength training for athletes requiring endurance
above 15 reps For endurance

Source: http://www.qwa.org/articles/tmethod.asp

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