PMP Placement On Resume

What Is The Best Position Of The PMP Certification Logo On Your Resume?

Placing the PMP designation at the top of your resume is perfectly fine and advisable. Based on some research and my own personal preference, I include designations that relate very specifically to a career or role. For this reason, I suggest against including an MBA in the same manner because there is no career or role called "MBA". Instead, an MBA could potentially help qualify somebody for one or more out of potentially dozens of different careers depending on the individual’s experience (i.e. marketing director, hedge fund manager, IT director, CEO – what do these have in common?). Compare this to an MD, JD, or RN, all of which relate to specific careers.

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Advantages Of PMP Certification – Part 1

Kris Vunckx, PMP:
On top of the current experience a project manager has, the PMP certification gives the person an extra visibility towards the outside world of his job and creates extra job-opportunities. People understand that you have a wide understanding of all PM processes and that you have proven to understand these, implement these and have the skills needed to bring projects to a good end. It opens some doors that otherwise are difficult to open or even stay closed to you.

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Some Common Internet/Chat/Forum Slang Acronyms And Words

AAK- Alive and Kicking
AAR8- at any rate
ADAD- any day now
AFAIC- as far as I’m concerned
AFK- away from keyboard
AIM – aol instant messenger
ASAP- as soon as possible
A/S/L- age/sex/ location
ATM- at the moment
ATW- All the way
B- be
B4N- bye for now
BBS- be back soon
BC- because
BCNU- be seeing you
BFN- bye for now
BFN/B4N- bye for now
BG- background
BIL- boss is listening
BITD- back in the day
BMG- be my guest
BOTOH- but on the other hand
BRB- be right back
BTDT- been there done that
BTDTGTTSAWIO- Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt And Wore It Out
BTW- by the way
BYKT- bet you knew that
CD9-Code 9 (other people nearby)
CID- consider it done
CSL- cant stop laughing
COZ- because
CU- see you
CUL or CUL8R- see you later
DQMOT- don’t quote me on this
EOM- end of message
EZ- easy
EG- evil grin
F2F- face to face
F2T- free to talk
FAQ- frequently asked question
FWIW- for what it’s worth
FYI- for your information
G2G- got to go
GAL- get a life
GF- girlfriend
GGN- gotta go now
GJ- good job
GL- good luck
GOL- giggle out loud
GR8- great
GRT- great
GTG- got to go
GW- good work
H8- hate
HAK- here’s a kiss
HAND- have a nice day
IAC- in any case
IAE- in any event
IC- i see
IDC- i dont care
IDK- i dont know
ILY- i love you
IM- instant messenger or i’m
IMHO- in my humble opinion
IMNERHO- In my not even remotely humble opinion
IMNSHO- in my not so humble opinion
IMO- in my opinion
IMPOV- in my point of view
IOW- in other words
IRL- in real life
JIC- just in case
JK- just kidding
JTLY-just to let you
KK- ok
KIS- keep it simple
KIT- keep in touch
L8- late
L8R- later
LBH- loser back home
LOL- laugh out loud
MIRL- meet in real life
MorF- male or female
MOS- mom over shoulder
MTFBWU- more to follow, what about you?
NE- any
NBD- no big deal
NMU- not much, you?
NP- no problem
NRN- No Response Necessary
Noob- newbie [someone who is new]
OIC- oh i see
OMG- oh my gosh
OTP- on the phone
OWTTE- Or Words To That Effect
P911- parent emergency (parent near)
PAW- parents are watching
PCM- please call me
PIR- parent in room
PLS- please
PLZ- please
POC- proof of concept
POS- parent over shoulder
POV- point of view
PRW- parents are watching
Q- question
ROTFL- roll on the floor laughin
RL- real life
RSN- real soon now
RUOK?- are you okay?
SFETE- smile from ear to ear
SIT- stock in transit, stuff it, or situation
SOZ- sorry
SYS- see you soon
S2R- send to recieve
TAFN- ta ta for now
TBA- to be announced
TBH- to be honest
THX- thanks
TIA- thanks in advance
TMB- text me back, thats my brother, those midnight/monday blues
TOY- thinking of you
TTFN- ta ta for now
TTYL- talk to you later
TY- thank you
U- you
U2- you too
WB- write back
W/E- whatever
WFM- works for me
WTG- way to go
WTH- what the hell
WU- whats up
WYGOWM- will you go out with me
XOXO- Hugs & Kisses
Y- why?
YT?- you there?
YW- you’re welcome
ZZZ- Sleepy, bored or tired

Leadership Principles

Leadership Principles

1. Take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your Sailors or Marines.
2. Know yourself and seek self-improvement.
3. Set the example.
4. Develop your subordinates.
5. Ensure that the job is understood, supervised, and accomplished.
6. Know your men and women, and look after their welfare.
7. Keep everyone informed.
8. Set goals you can reach.
9. Make sound and timely decisions.
10. Know your job.
11. Teamwork.