Store Credentials In Visual Studio 2010 For TFS In Another Domain

Usually when you work with TFS which is in another domain or if you are working on a Virtual Machine with its own domain Visual Studio 2010 keeps asking you for password every time you want to open a TFS based project.

This solution works on Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7:

Go to Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> Credential Manager -> Add Windows Credential and enter the address and your credentials as following:


For Window Server 2003 and XP you can use the following:

  • Open the Run dialog (Win+R) and enter: "control userpasswords2"
  • On the following dialog click on "Manage Passwords"
  • You should then see the following screen where you click on "Add a Windows credential"
  • Enter your credentials but remember to prefix with "domain\username" if you reside in a different authentication domain.
  • Finally you should see your registered credentials as follows
  • Source of the XP Solution: HowTo: Teach Visual Studio to Remember Your TFS Password

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