Several Calorie Counting Web Sites


  • NutritionData
    Most accurate/ detailed, Lots of natural foods
  • CalorieKing
    Lots of information on commercial products
  • (aussie version of above)
    As above, only for the land downunder
  • Nutridiary
    Good basic and accurate tool that allows you to create favourite meals for ease of logging. Tracks exercise and water intake too
  • DailyBurn
    Easy to use, Accurate, Good range of foods, Very funky additional applications such as bar-code scanning
  • CalorieCount
    This has a cool recipe tool where you simply type in a list of foods and how many servings you want and it calculates it out. < VERY handy!
  • Fitday
    Inaccurate in regards to calories from carbs/ fibre and can give false information on servings sizes… Ok if you log all your own foods
  • TheDailyPlate
  • My Calorie Counter
  • SparkPeople
  • LiveStrong
  • MyfitnessPal

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