PMP Placement On Resume

What Is The Best Position Of The PMP Certification Logo On Your Resume?

Placing the PMP designation at the top of your resume is perfectly fine and advisable. Based on some research and my own personal preference, I include designations that relate very specifically to a career or role. For this reason, I suggest against including an MBA in the same manner because there is no career or role called "MBA". Instead, an MBA could potentially help qualify somebody for one or more out of potentially dozens of different careers depending on the individual’s experience (i.e. marketing director, hedge fund manager, IT director, CEO – what do these have in common?). Compare this to an MD, JD, or RN, all of which relate to specific careers.

You should place it after your name, at the top of the resume, AND include it in your education section. Also, expand the PMP to "Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)" in the education section. The one after your name is to catch they eye of those who know what it is, and the expanded one in the education section answers the "What’s PMP?" question that someone who doesn’t know might be asking.

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