My Reading List – 14.09.2009

I have decided the share a list of the books I have recently read or listened to (most of them are in audiobook format). All of the books can change your life for real:

1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. This is the first self-help, self-improvement books I read to the end. I do not use the techniques described there but it opened my eyes a lot.

2. I have just completed the audio book “Get The Edge” by Tony Robbins. This thing is a “Cutting Edge”… I started doing  “The Hour Of Power” thing every day (last 10 days) and feel the energy growing in me.

3. I have listened also to Getting things done… FAST. A little bit complex system but again it can be lifesaver for busy people.

4. After David Allen’s GTD I found the Zen To Done book by Leo Babauta. This is a real easy to apply productivity system. I have also purchased and reading whenever I need Leo’s “Essential Motivation Handbook”

5. Now I am also listening to another masterpiece of Anthony Robbins – Personal Power II:The Driving Force:

6. I have read  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and now I am reading “The Pilgrimage”:

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