How To Make Transparent Image With Paint.Net

Sometimes a developer will need to make a transparent GIF or PNG, such as for a web page. This should be trivial – you essentially want to say "make every pixel that is color X be transparent", but most standard development tools (VS, Paint, etc…) don’t let you do this. While there are lots of expensive graphics programs out there, most developers don’t have these.

An easy way to make a transparent gif is using the free Paint.Net (written entirely in .Net).

  1. Download Paint.Net. Great And Free graphics editing tool.
  2. Open up your image. Save it as a gif or png.
  3. In the Tool section, use the "Magic Wand" feature.
  4. Set it’s tolerance to ‘0%’
  5. Drag it over the section you want to make transparent. The magic wand catches an entire region of adjacent, same-color-range, pixels
  6. Once the region is selected, then hit the delete key.

This is very convenient for simple web imaging needs. Also, Paint.Net has a ton of other features, like gradients, blends, and special effects.

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