How To Convert Ape into Wav – Then MP3 Is Easy

Use Monkey’s Audio + EAC as follows:

– Download and install Monkey’s Audio (MA) from
– Download and install Exact Audio Copy ()EAC from . If the site is not working you can use this link
– Open (MA)
– At the top left where you see the monkey’s head, click and select "Decompress"
– Drag and drop Monkey’s Audio file into MA
– Click "Start"
I believe MA’s default option is to decompress to the same folder, so the resulting WAV should be exactly where the Monkey’s Audio file is.
– Open Notepad
– Drag and drop .CUE file into it
– At the top where it says "FILE…" it should also have a reference to file_name.extension, where file_name is the name of the Monkey’s Audio file
– If extension = ape, change it to wav. If it’s wav, leave it be
– Save .CUE file (CTRL + S)
– Open EAC -> Tools -> Split WAV… -> With Gaps (or whatever you prefer, but that option’s best)
– Select wav file created from decompression process in MA and edited CUE file
– Click "Start" or "Split" or whatever EAC’s final command for that process is (I don’t recall). You should end up with individual WAVs for each track

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