How To Add Adsense between the Individual Posts on Blogspot for Advanced Templates

I have recently started using adsense. I have still no experience as a WebMaster but I am trying hard :). So i have not found yet step by step article on how to use adsense in every post on Blogspot. End here they are:

I hope you know how to add adsense script to the Page Template so I will not cover that:

The steps for writing the adsense script are here:

1. Go to the Template Tab
2. Click Edit HTML:

3. And here is the trick:

You must check “Expand Widget Templates” and then look for the “<div class=\”\’blog-posts\’\”> “

<div class=\”\’blog-posts\’\”>
<b:include data=\”\’top\’\” name=\”\’status-message\’/\”>
<b:loop values=\”\’data:posts\’\” var=\”\’post\’\”>
<b:if cond=\’data:post.dateHeader\’
<h2 class=\”\’date-header\’\”><data:post.dateheader/></h2>
<strong>adsense code</strong>
<b:include data=\”\’post\’\” name=\”\’post\’/\”>
<b:if cond=\’data:blog.pageType == \”item\”\’
<b:include data=\”\’post\’\” name=\”\’comments\’/\”> \\

And finally you should remove the &lt!– and –&gt from the adsense scipt.

You can try different positions for the script but anyway this is the trick.
Or if you are using the classic template you should look for the <div class=’blog-posts’>
and somewhere before the closing div you should add the adsense script.
If you have some issues you may leave your comments.

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