First TODOs for new blogger based blog

I wanted to create this list for my personal use only but then decided to post it here. Somebody may find it useful.

So here are the first things that I should do when I create a new blog. This list includes only changing some of the default blogger blog settings:

  1. Choose a template.
  2. Formatting:
    1. Show only 2 posts
    2. Date header format (choose something with numbers only: 01/01/08)
    3. Archive Index Date Format (choose something with numbers only: 01/01/08)
    1. Comment Time Stamp (again, only numbers)
    2. Enable comment moderation – select Yes and enter an email address to be notified on.
  4. Archiving – I prefer daily if you post often.
    1. Edit the archive widget – set only numbers for months and days.
  5. Site Feed – I prefer short

Then again some of the things that should not be forgotted

  1. Go to google analytics and add traffic counter.

I expect your comments on this and I will be glad to include some of your steps here.

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