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I live in Bulgaria. And obviously many people still think that we are some kind of a third hand people. Here is a perfect example of this:

  1. I tried to order some supplements from
  2. Made my choice of products
  3. Filled in shipping Address
  4. PayPal Selected as preferred payment method
  5. Going to PayPal and confirming the payment
  6. Email from PayPal for successful transaction
  7. .
  8. .
  9. .
  10. .
  11. …. 30 seconds And BOOOOM  – an email with the following content: – Order Cancelled

We have cancelled your order and reported your identifying information to the proper authorities for investigation. Security

   12. I have immediately contacted the support via live chat and here is the transcript:

Nikolay: I have just made an order, I have made the payment via PayPal. And this is the mail from you :
Nikolay: We have cancelled your order and reported your identifying information to the proper authorities for investigation. Security
Nikolay: What is this?
Nikolay: What does this mean?
Nikolay: I am a little bit frustrated! Unfortunately, our credit card processor cannot verify the information provided by your credit card company. Therefore, we cannot accept your credit card payment. We will only be able to accept a Western Union payment or a U.S. money order
Nikolay: I am paying via Paypal. (how can paypal trust me but not your site) WESTERN UNION- CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Nikolay: I thought that you are OK with Paypal? We will still need a western union payment if you are using paypal
Nikolay: And the payment has passed
Nikolay: so I am charged already The payment will be automatically voided out
Nikolay: You need the WU just for verification? do you have the order number so I can confirm this?
Nikolay: wait a sec no that is the payment method we accept
Nikolay: Payment details Transaction ID: xxxxxxx Item Price: $115.85 USD Total: $115.85 USD Order Description: Order Invoice ID: xxxxxx Buyer: Nikolay Yordanov
Nikolay: these are the PayPal transaction details thanks one moment please
Nikolay: take your time The payment has been refunded today so you will have those credits back however, we will need a western union payment if you would like to proceed with this order
Nikolay: I have just received an email from you : Order Receipt #xxxxxx yes However the order has been cancelled
Nikolay: OK, what kind of a WU payment do you need and what amount of money. And in other case how will you refund me. If you would like to wait until the refund settles before you pay, that is not a problem
Nikolay: Yes I need the refund and I am not sure that I will go with the WU procedure.
Nikolay: I know the reason for your WU requirements but there are many US websites using PayPal and shipping to Bulgaria which is an European Union Member by the way
Nikolay: We are not some kind of aborigines here to be treated that way
Nikolay: and the message I have received earlier is insulting Yes, it is nothing against your country the area is just known to have a high amount of fraudulent orders placed from there
Nikolay: Not any more
Nikolay: this things have gone in the past
Nikolay: you should revice your policy
Nikolay: I will blog about this ASAP on my blog I will submit your request and I know that this is frustrating I apologize about the situation
Nikolay: thank you for your understanding
Nikolay: So, When can I expect the refund via PayPal?
Nikolay: Apology accepted no problem, we will however need a western union payment, and I will watch the PayPal refund and make sure that it settles successfully : ) It should take only 2 business days at the most
Nikolay: no, I will not go via the WU procedure
Nikolay: sorry
Nikolay: it is not convenient
Nikolay: I have to fill paper forms, go to special branches with Blue Quick Pay forms and stuff
Nikolay: I have done this in the past
Nikolay: So, again… When can I expect the refund?
Nikolay: Isn’t it possible to be done immediately? It has already been issued, this is a standard time frame in which credits settle into accounts we cannot do anything to speed up that process
Nikolay: OK, I see
Nikolay: I will be waiting and I guess I can contact you again if something goes wrong? definitely

13. I have already received the refund

14. I am sad that Bulgaria is still on some kind of a blacklists

15. I hope that soon these companies will revise their shipping and payment processing policy


If you have some similar experience please feel free to comment below.

9 thoughts on “ – Not Anymore!”

  1. Similar problem. I paid with PayPal and they wanted me to send a scan of my credit card and ID. Paypal told me not to give further information and so I did. They canceled my order. I live in Switzerland!

  2. I also made a purchase there and I was wrong.
    I live in Brazil, they do it with everyone.
    The site is a fraud The site is a scam site

  3. I made a purchase from Romania It happen the same. Why can we choose paypal if then it dosen’t works? It doesn’t make sense!

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