Authorization Store for .Net – .NET Sql Authorization Manager (NetSqlAzMan)

Recently I started looking for best way to implement authorization for my Smart Client application (Windows Forms application communicating with WCF Services). At firs I considered the MS AzMan (Microsoft Authorization Manager) with Security Application Block from Microsoft Enterprise Library. But AzMan requires Windows 2003 Server. Then I thought about implementing my own authorization components.  And all of a sudden after researching using all my search engine skills I have found a solutions and it is the .Net Sql Authorization Manager (NetSqlAzMan).

.NET Sql Authorization Manager is an authorization manager for .NET  Framework 2.0 developed applications (smart-client/web). The authorizations storage is MS Sql Serveur 2000/2005.

I read the whole guide and everything sound so easy and straightforward. So I want to say “thank you” Andrea Ferendeles the creator of NetSqlAzMan.

You can download .Net Sql Authorization Manager here : NetSqlAzMan at sourceforge.

I will appreciate your comments on this because I still have not implemented my authorization but I am sure that this NetSqlAzMan will save me a lot of work.

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