Advantages Of PMP Certification – Part 1

Kris Vunckx, PMP:
On top of the current experience a project manager has, the PMP certification gives the person an extra visibility towards the outside world of his job and creates extra job-opportunities. People understand that you have a wide understanding of all PM processes and that you have proven to understand these, implement these and have the skills needed to bring projects to a good end. It opens some doors that otherwise are difficult to open or even stay closed to you.

Aaron White, PMP Manager, IT Projects at IMS Health:
When you’re applying for project management positions, it’s the first thing the hiring manager looks for on your resume. If it’s not there, you’re out of the running.
Only in the unlikely event that there are no applicants with the PMP would you even be considered.
I don’t think I can put it more simply than that.
Jason Marshall, PMP Project Manager, ePharmaSolutions:
I find that PMP certification is valuable not only on the job hunt, but also within my current organization. When discussions about process improvements arise within our Project Services group, the team inevitably seeks advice from our in-house PMPs. It’s a privilege to be able to positively impact changes within the organization.
Jay Wang, PMP, Integrated Product Team Lead at Lockheed Martin
There are internal and external benefits. Many have commented on external benefits such as better recognition by employers (current or future) and colleagues, better chance for career advancement. Equally important are the internal benefits. I have had project management experience for many years in various capacity. Those PM practices have been more or less ad hoc. After I started preparing for PMP certification, I realized that there PM is actually a discipline of its own right. It has its own vocabulary and standard processes. After several weeks of hard study and finally passing the exam, I am now more knowledgeable and more conscientious in applying the principles and best practices of PM. You don’t need a MBA to run a small family-owned boutique shop. But you would need to have the comprehensive business management knowledge in order to run an organization of moderate size. MBA degree helps you gain business management knowledge and the credential. Same goes with PMP.

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