5 Steps of the Successful Visualization

I have taken some of the most useful parts of John Leonard’s post on Visualization “Do’s and Don’t’s for the Law Of Attraction”":

Visualization – the Do’s and Don’t’s for the Law of Attraction

5 steps to make use of visualization are as follows :
1. Prepare yourself and your environment. Find a quiet environment which has not busy and loud noise as it will distract you from visualization and it will not succeed. Slot your time and schedule to do this every single day. Sit comfortably on the chair since you are going to be on it for 20 minutes.
2. List out all your goals that you want to fulfill. You are supposed to write our goals down. In every aspects, such as financial, spiritual, physical and relationship. Take a look at the goal and memorize it. Do it one at a time, not one time for all goals. You also can make your master goal which already contains of other goals and stick on it.
3. Visualization with your closed eyes will be more effective as it reduces disturbance from the environment. However if you are already expert, you can do it with open eyes as well. Focus on your goals, one at a time, imagine what you want to happen. See it as it is really happened in front of you. Do visualization yourself that you are the first person in your picture of mind and things happen to you. If you can’t do it yet, you may also do visualization yourself as a third person and you witness those things happen and the law of attraction works on the person in the picture.
4. Make the picture or event that you see clear. The clearer the picture, the better the law of attraction will work and the better the result you will get. Make your picture a color picture, big and graphic in front of you. Put the life into that picture and make visualization as it really happens in front of your mind at that moment.
5. Do the visualization at least 20 minutes one time. You can repeat these visualization steps twice a day to accelerate the law of attraction. You can also use subliminal sound accelerator which will greatly enhance your result. It is scientifically proven that the sound will stimulate your subconscious mind and bring into your success.
The five steps of visualization here are the easy steps for visualization and attraction the circumstances and attributes you want in life according to the law of attraction. Everybody can make full use of visualization for the greatest success.
Once you fix on a goal and you make visualization often enough, the law of attraction will surely work and opportunities to achieve that goal will start to present by itself.

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