List Of Selected Affirmations And Incantations

  1. I blow up limiting beliefs and move forward with greatness!
  2. Every Cell in my body vibrates with energy and health
  3. I have a wonderful partner and we are both happy and at peace
  4. I choose to exercise regularly
  5. All I Need Is Within Me Now
  6. Every day and in every way, I am getting stronger and stronger, Yes!
  7. All the joy I need is within me now.
  8. All the knowledge I need is within me now.
  9. All the LOVE I Need Is Withing Me Now.
  10. All the peace I need is within me now.
  11. Now I am the voice.
    I will lead, not follow.
    I will create, not destroy.
    I will believe, not doubt.
    I am a force for good.
    I am a leader.
    Defy the odds.
    Set a new standard.
    Step up!
    More Info on this here:
  12. At last at Last the past is past I’ve Broken free and won and now it’s time to love myself and really have some fun
  13. With each and every breathe I take, with each and every stride, I feel abundant centered joy and love from deep inside

Receiving Amazon Kindle In Europe – Not That Hard But Expensive

I have just received my Amazon Kindle:
First: Looks better than the images and videos on the web

Second: The price is still high and to import it in Europe you have to pay VAT and Import Tax.
In Bulgaria this totaled at 23.7%.
Third: It is great device
Fourth: The Experimental Web Browser allows access only to wikipedia and Kindle Store.
Fifth: If you have any questions feel free to leave your comments below. Continue reading Receiving Amazon Kindle In Europe – Not That Hard But Expensive

Поръчах си Amazon Kindle

image Току що получих email, че вече са ми го изпратили 🙂 (Неделя е днес!!!). Поръчах го в 10:20 Българско време). Следобед ми звъннаха от Булбанк да потвърдя плащането (за което мога да ги поздравя).

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