Hotmail С Неограничен Размер На Пощенската Кутия

Оказа се, че в най-новия си вариант безплатната поща в Hotmail няма лимит на обема на съхраняваните писма. Единственото условие е нарастването да е плавно.

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Кой превежда Windows на Български?

Скоро разпечатвах няколко сканирани документа. Така се случи че Windows-а беше на български. Wizard-а (Съветника) ми представи следния екран в един момент:

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How To Setup PMO

I will start with the possible pitfalls when establishing Project Management Office.

The major pitfalls are:
1. Doing everything at once – Start with a few easy tasks to prove the efficiency of the PMO
2. Hesitation – Don’t hesitate, be out missioning about the PMO, ask Line Mgrs if you can use their weekly (or monthly) meetings to present the idea.
3. Forgetting important stakeholders – All Line Mgrs, Process owners, PMs etc. are stakeholders. Make sure you have everybody on board.
4. PMO is considered not able to influence the quality of project delivery – Figure out this before you start.
5. The value of a PMO has not been understood higher up in the organization and PMO costs cannot be justified – It’s not enough with a sponsor, you must have the approval of company board (depending on organization size)

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PMP Placement On Resume

What Is The Best Position Of The PMP Certification Logo On Your Resume?

Placing the PMP designation at the top of your resume is perfectly fine and advisable. Based on some research and my own personal preference, I include designations that relate very specifically to a career or role. For this reason, I suggest against including an MBA in the same manner because there is no career or role called "MBA". Instead, an MBA could potentially help qualify somebody for one or more out of potentially dozens of different careers depending on the individual’s experience (i.e. marketing director, hedge fund manager, IT director, CEO – what do these have in common?). Compare this to an MD, JD, or RN, all of which relate to specific careers.

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Who Is Accountable For A Failed Project?

The PM is responsible for the delivery of the project. However, Projects do not fail suddenly. Usually, the PM has hidden (greened up the status report) bad news from stakeholders because the PM did not want to face criticism. I found this to be common with PM’s that wanted to be ladder climbers in the enterprise. Future CEO candidates cannot have problems on their resumes.
Making sure the stakeholders have accurate and timely information on project progress is the PM’s responsibility. Otherwise executives do not have the accurate information for decision making. It is easy to report everything is on-time, within budget, and following specs. It is hard to tell the decision makers stuff is going bad. So when the storm comes the PM has to take the hit.

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Advantages Of PMP Certification – Part 1

Kris Vunckx, PMP:
On top of the current experience a project manager has, the PMP certification gives the person an extra visibility towards the outside world of his job and creates extra job-opportunities. People understand that you have a wide understanding of all PM processes and that you have proven to understand these, implement these and have the skills needed to bring projects to a good end. It opens some doors that otherwise are difficult to open or even stay closed to you.

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