Some Common Internet/Chat/Forum Slang Acronyms And Words

AAK- Alive and Kicking
AAR8- at any rate
ADAD- any day now
AFAIC- as far as I’m concerned
AFK- away from keyboard
AIM – aol instant messenger
ASAP- as soon as possible
A/S/L- age/sex/ location
ATM- at the moment
ATW- All the way
B- be
B4N- bye for now
BBS- be back soon
BC- because
BCNU- be seeing you
BFN- bye for now
BFN/B4N- bye for now
BG- background
BIL- boss is listening
BITD- back in the day
BMG- be my guest
BOTOH- but on the other hand
BRB- be right back
BTDT- been there done that
BTDTGTTSAWIO- Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt And Wore It Out
BTW- by the way
BYKT- bet you knew that
CD9-Code 9 (other people nearby)
CID- consider it done
CSL- cant stop laughing
COZ- because
CU- see you
CUL or CUL8R- see you later
DQMOT- don’t quote me on this
EOM- end of message
EZ- easy
EG- evil grin
F2F- face to face
F2T- free to talk
FAQ- frequently asked question
FWIW- for what it’s worth
FYI- for your information
G2G- got to go
GAL- get a life
GF- girlfriend
GGN- gotta go now
GJ- good job
GL- good luck
GOL- giggle out loud
GR8- great
GRT- great
GTG- got to go
GW- good work
H8- hate
HAK- here’s a kiss
HAND- have a nice day
IAC- in any case
IAE- in any event
IC- i see
IDC- i dont care
IDK- i dont know
ILY- i love you
IM- instant messenger or i’m
IMHO- in my humble opinion
IMNERHO- In my not even remotely humble opinion
IMNSHO- in my not so humble opinion
IMO- in my opinion
IMPOV- in my point of view
IOW- in other words
IRL- in real life
JIC- just in case
JK- just kidding
JTLY-just to let you
KK- ok
KIS- keep it simple
KIT- keep in touch
L8- late
L8R- later
LBH- loser back home
LOL- laugh out loud
MIRL- meet in real life
MorF- male or female
MOS- mom over shoulder
MTFBWU- more to follow, what about you?
NE- any
NBD- no big deal
NMU- not much, you?
NP- no problem
NRN- No Response Necessary
Noob- newbie [someone who is new]
OIC- oh i see
OMG- oh my gosh
OTP- on the phone
OWTTE- Or Words To That Effect
P911- parent emergency (parent near)
PAW- parents are watching
PCM- please call me
PIR- parent in room
PLS- please
PLZ- please
POC- proof of concept
POS- parent over shoulder
POV- point of view
PRW- parents are watching
Q- question
ROTFL- roll on the floor laughin
RL- real life
RSN- real soon now
RUOK?- are you okay?
SFETE- smile from ear to ear
SIT- stock in transit, stuff it, or situation
SOZ- sorry
SYS- see you soon
S2R- send to recieve
TAFN- ta ta for now
TBA- to be announced
TBH- to be honest
THX- thanks
TIA- thanks in advance
TMB- text me back, thats my brother, those midnight/monday blues
TOY- thinking of you
TTFN- ta ta for now
TTYL- talk to you later
TY- thank you
U- you
U2- you too
WB- write back
W/E- whatever
WFM- works for me
WTG- way to go
WTH- what the hell
WU- whats up
WYGOWM- will you go out with me
XOXO- Hugs & Kisses
Y- why?
YT?- you there?
YW- you’re welcome
ZZZ- Sleepy, bored or tired

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